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Jiangsu ShengKeNuo Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Ligang Industrial Park, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Steel Power Group in 2018. It is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and a member of China Chlor Alkali Industry Association.

The company mainly provides system integration services and equipment process solutions with plate heat exchangers as the core. The main services include plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger units, full welded and semi welded heat exchangers. Among them, in the application of waste heat recovery systems and process cooling water systems, it is particularly prominent in reducing production energy consumption and improving device production efficiency, and has been widely praised by customers. As the main supplier of plate heat exchanger equipment, the company has a complete set of material performance testing laboratories, heat exchanger system simulation laboratories, new product research and development rooms, and precision testing equipment, forming a full core process coverage of material testing, design, overall tooling manufacturing, and on-site technical services, ensuring the company's strong competitiveness in the market industry

Focus on improving product energy efficiency. Since its establishment, the company has always focused on energy conservation and environmental protection of heat exchange equipment, continuously tapping into the potential of energy conservation and consumption reduction of products, and continuously enhancing the added value of products. The company has extensively solicited industry demands and established a research and development team to continuously improve the performance, process, and structure of the board with targeted measures.

Strive to improve the level of comprehensive management. The company seized the new development opportunities under the New normal of China's economy. In terms of hardware upgrading, the company gradually increased its investment in R&D design, automation equipment, information management and other fields by adding 20 mu of state-owned land in 2021. Including automated cutting equipment, automated welding equipment, 20000 ton press machine, etc; We have introduced information management systems such as ERP system, OA management system, and PLC production equipment control management system, striving to achieve information management and control throughout the entire process of research and development, procurement, production, and marketing, improve the technical level and quality content of enterprise products, and comprehensively achieve international leading standards; After years of effort, the company has gradually established an advanced quality management system, and has successively passed ISO quality, occupational health, and environmental system certification, as well as the honorary titles of Jiangsu Province Quality Credit AAA Enterprise.

In the future, the company will provide customers with timely and efficient heat exchange solutions in industries such as chlor alkali, petrochemical, HVAC, shipbuilding, refrigeration and air conditioning, food and medicine, new energy electronics, environmental protection, etc., helping customers achieve efficient cold and heat exchange and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, Saint Knox will rely on the company's existing technology platform and core market, establish a systematic management system through continuous standardized management, At the same time, through enterprise management and talent team building, we will further enhance the initiative, enthusiasm, and creativity of employees, and build the company into a global leader in heat exchange equipment manufacturing.

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