Heat exchange unit

Unit: SET

Size: N/A


The heat exchange unit integrates a heat exchanger, circulating pump, makeup pump, instrument, and transmission

Electromechanical equipment consisting of sensors, electrical controls, and valve pipelines, and

Scientific calculation and optimization design, excellent hardware configuration, reasonable structural layout, and control

The system is advanced, easy to operate, economical in operation, and can meet different needs

The integrated heat exchange comprehensive solution proposed by users has been widely applied to regional supply

Heat and refrigeration system, domestic hot water system, waste heat recovery 1 seawater desalination, process cooling

But in many fields such as systems. Adhere to strict adherence during product development and design stages

Using high-quality raw materials to manufacture high-quality products.

From core components to every accessory, well-known domestic and foreign brand products are selected,

To ensure the excellent quality and performance of the entire product.