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The design of corrugated plates provides a large and compact overall surface

Optimize heat transfer by integrating, and by using this surface area, heat can be transferred from a liquid

The transfer of a body or gas to another liquid or gas.

The heat transfer area of the plate is compressed into a zigzag ripple. When two boards

When overlapping in a relative herringbone shape, spiral flow and high turbulence can

Achieve high transfer coefficient and effective self-cleaning.

The diversion domain of the plate ensures uniform flow of fluid throughout the entire plate

Move to maximize heat transfer capability. Optimized traffic allocation

It can also reduce scale and uneven temperature distribution, thus improving the performance level

Maintain a high level during operation while reducing unnecessary energy loss

Loss, maintenance costs, or unplanned downtime.

Gaskets are a key component of the performance of heat exchangers.

We will integrate the design of gaskets and plates to ensure optimization

Sealing of. Each is customized according to the heat exchange conditions. Correct contour

The combination of width, thickness, and different polymers to avoid premature leakage

There are significant differences in the risk of damage to gaskets or plates. just

Accurate matching extends gasket life, reduces downtime, and reduces

Reduced maintenance costs.