Fully welded plate heat exchanger

Unit: SET

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All welded plate heat exchanger is a completely new concept of welded plate heat exchanger. Its appearance is similar to a dry detachable heat exchanger, which not only promotes the efficient heat transfer and compact structure of ordinary plate heat exchangers, but also has the characteristics of shell and tube type resistance to medium to high pressure and medium to high temperature.

Due to the full countercurrent flow of fluid inside the heat exchanger, it can achieve the end temperature difference that other types of fully welded heat exchangers cannot achieve. The plate type cover plate can be opened for mechanical cleaning by convection. This type of heat exchanger generates higher shear stress in the flow channel than other types of welded heat exchangers. Therefore, it is not easy to scale. Meanwhile, its uniqueness

The flow channel design can also be used as an efficient condenser.

Product Advantages

1. The periphery of the plate adopts laser automatic welding, without rubber sealing gasket, and is resistant to high temperature and pressure.

2. High heat transfer efficiency, with almost all plate surfaces participating in heat transfer.

3. It occupies a small area and is equivalent to a detachable plate heat exchanger.

4. The diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes is non-standard design, with strong adaptability.

5. The gasket between the plates is not sealed, which is suitable for various types, usage, and maintenance costs.

Product Application

Widely used in various fields such as chemical industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, power station, mechanical industry, sewage treatment, etc